Monday, September 3, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~ RATS 101 (finishing soon)

Many of you are probably wondering........ rats....... O boy this is going to be a long one. well if you thought that........ you are right! I am trying to convince my brother to change his idea of getting a winter white hamster........... and get 2 RATS. And yes, I have done my job :) We are hopefully getting 2 rats from the Woodbury AHS. The rats names are Olive and Elsie, they are quite cute in my perspective. -> Olive   <- Elsie


  • The average healthy rat lives about 2-3 years, being able to breed at the small age of about 6 weeks*
  • A rat is an omnivore, meaning it can eat about anything we can.
  • Rats are about as intelligent as a 2 year old, which is a lot of brain capacity compared to the size of their brains.
  • Rats CAN be litter trained, they also can learn many other tricks including shoulder rides, standing on their hind legs, and running through mazes.
  • (More COMING SOON)

2. Females V.S. Males

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