Sunday, September 30, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~ Asking someone to homecoming! (2)

Now I know that there really isn't much time left for a few of us, because some homecomings have already happened and all, but there are still some people who have not chosen how they are going to ask someone to the dance!!! You people really need to hurry up, you are running out of time!!!! Here are some new ways I thought of to ask someone to homecoming:

Pen Drop: (I thought of this the other day in civics class) So what you do is take a thin piece of paper (not lined) and you begin to write your note. Then precede to grab a pen with one of those tab hanger things on them and role it around the pen and under the hanger. Once you are finished, make sure the paper will not fall off (if it does, get tape)! Then all you have to do is write their name visibly on the paper, and DROP!!!

 Happy Birthday!!!!! For this you will need a birthday card and some creativity. (this one is the one I find cutest)First you have to make tickets, include:
- 1 pick up ticket
- 1 homecoming date ticket
- 1 all night dance ticket
- 1 kiss ticket (if you have been together for awhile)
make them as artsy as you can without distracting from the main purpose. Also include in the card that these are non-refundable, all in one night use (use 1, got to use them all). Next tape a small paper envelope on the inside of the card, and label "Homecoming?" on the part of the inside envelope where the flap covers it, stick the tickets inside, tape shut. Next write something in the card (make it something original, girls like that), make sure you mention something like I'm giving you your present early/late this year or I know it isn't your birthday, but here's a present anyway! O and make sure to tell them that they have to say yes once they see what is inside.

Message In A Bottle: Now this is if you know where the girl lives! Unless of course you put it in her locker (make sure she checks it regularly). Find a glass bottle, tear the tag off, and clean it. Then get someone with really good penmanship (my guess is you don't have good writing skills) and have them write a cute letter.
Now when I say letter in a bottle my mind has so many ideas, you could make the letter sound like it was from 100 years ago or you could go modern day. What ever floats your boat! Make a tag with the persons name on it and wrap it around the mouth of the bottle with a ribbon. Then deliver!

Half Time: If you can pull some strings and your homecoming game is a couple days before the dance, this is a really cute idea! Get a couple of the guys to hold up signs that spell out Homecoming and then her initials or her name, but make sure she can see it!

Chiming The Glass: When she goes out, go to her house, go to the back. Call her and say it is urgent, also to be there quickly. Be standing on something tall so that she can see you from any point! Be in a suit, have a glass, and have a piece of silverware. When she comes into view, start tapping the glass. Do the usual intro you would do at a formal diner, and then announce that you want her to go to go to the dance with you.

That's all I got for now, see you at homecoming!!

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