Saturday, May 26, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~ "Food Chain"

My school has a social "food chain", or at least that is what I call it. I hope nobody else has this problem in their schools! Because it is hell! But it may not be for you, depending on you "level".
Level 2: people who play sports, mean to others to get to "1", and friends with populars, etc.
Level 3: Kids who don't play sports, "Arts", and nerds etc

I personally am a level 3, in the arts group. I love my friends! All of them, but it seems that is why I am down "here", and because I am misunderstood. Once our elementary schools meshed into the junior high, things got bad. Fights, drugs, bullying, and just plain old betrayal. Junior high is supposed to be where we figure out who we are, but I have a feeling people aren't making the right decisions! This better get better in high school or I have a feeling I am going to have to switch schools!

This wasn't very informational but here is what I am trying to say:
Make the right decisions now or forever hold you peace!

Confidence is the Key~ Getting your Hopes Up

I meant to do this a long time ago, but I have been feeling..... sick and pretty emotional :/ So here it is:
Not to be a downer on someones bright shiny day, but there are times when you should and shouldn't get your hopes up. I mean, don't give up completely (there is always a chance) because you never know which way fates quarter will turn! But when you know your dream will never come true, let me rephrase that; lets say there is a guy that you like, but you know you will never happen, don't tell yourself that "He is the one" or "I know he will be my husband one day", cause what if he doesn't like you? I mean yea, everyone says opposites attract, but is this:
- & + = <3
really true.
Now, as I said before, I don't mean give up you dreams. I mean, don't tell yourself something if you know it will not work. Examples:
Keep your hopes up

  1. Pets coming home
  2. Life long dreams
  3. Somebody loves you
+ whatever else is in your reach

Don't make it a priority

  1. Super hot guy liking you
  2. having your life be a Disney fantasy
  3. The guy you like liking you back 
  4. You getting in the talent show/play
  5. For your pet that was old and sick to come home after a year
  6. ect.

As I said before, not trying to put your mind into a total depressed state, but it is true!
People think that anything could happen, that they are very lucky, and that they will get anything that they could dream for. But why? I mean I tried to get into the talent show with my singing, and my friends told me I was going to get in. Where did that get me? Just to a sad no from a friend that did get in. I accepted and moved on until I heard my family listening to one of my you tube videos of me singing the song I auditioned for the talent show. The only thing I can think of is why didn't I get in. The people who got in this year where in it last year! I just wanted to sing in front of everyone to show them I have a hidden talent so they wouldn't treat me like shit (pardon my french). But it is true! They treat me like dirt, and the only reason is that....... they don't know me and I am their scratching post, but back to the topic. Not many people know I am a kinda goodish singer, not many people know I have any other talent than art. I just wanted to show them that I have talents that I don't like to show, but that they are still talents. My friends got my hopes up.... and fate dropped me down in the ditches. Just to conclude that getting your hopes up in a hopeless situation is..... well... hopeless.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~Poetry


In my school we have a poetry unit in 7th & 8th grade. This is a skill I personally have (Writing poetry).
 Here are a few steps to writing awesome poems:
1). Which kind of poem do you want to write?
There are so many different kinds of poems! Including:
- Ode
- Free Verse
- Diamante
- Haiku
- Sonnets- Italian & English
and that is only a few!!
I suggest if you have never had ANY experience that you do not start with Sonnet or Free Verse!!!!
I have to say that diamante are most likely to be the easiest. 
If you are brave enough to start with another poem, pick one that has rules, but not to many! This will cause you to give up on your eventual beautiful poem!

ODE- A poem to a certain someone. Could be a poem to a inanimate object, an animal, or person. If it is to an object, make sure you personify it!!

FREE VERSE- No rules!!!!

DIAMANTE- To long to explain so here is an example:
forever, passionate
caring, loving
hugs, kisses, tissues, tears
longing, crying
forever, solitary

HAIKU- Syllables:
line 1: 5
line 2: 7
line 3: 5

SONNET- Look it up :P

2). Best poems come to mind when you are emotional!
I would know! My cat left about 1 year and a month ago :'( he is my inspiration.
-Find a quite spot where you can be alone! You don't want any others budging in on your poem writing session!
- Think about the worst moment in your life. But come on, I don't want to see you thinking of the homework that is due tomorrow! Think of something that
barley anyone knows about, or something you have kept inside.
- Let out the tears! It is better for your poems & yourself. Let yourself just flounder in your feelings until you have written the suficient amount. (this should be a great idea for a free verse or an Ode)

GOOD LUCK!!! if you have any aditional questions you can email me at: