Saturday, October 13, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~ Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins is dawning for most schools, and that means the chase is on. And wouldn't it be great if everyone knew how to be creative, but then again that would mean work (taking time away from figuring out how to put on more makeup and trying so hard not to look like sluts!(sorry girls but a lot of you need to hold back on the makeup department) ). So if you need ideas here is the place to look! I will eventually be adding some more advice from fellow friends and students, so if you are reading this from the link on my Facebook you can comment and contribute. You will get credit and you can hopefully point this out to your friends, the more friends you tell, the more people who will get to see your wonderful ideas. BUT make sure you don't repeat ideas, for every idea will only come up once, and by the first person who had these ideas! If you would rather your name be anonymous you can privately message me. (last names will not be added for safety precautions) Happy Sadie Hawkins everybody!

"I think it would be really cool if you asked in a way that made him do something and be involved. For example, you could make a treasure hunt and draw a map, and leave clues along the way, until he finds the message at the end (or you could be standing at the end holding a message, either way). Or you could make a puzzle, that he has to put together, with the question on it. There are cool puzzle making kits, you could even put a picture on it or something."

blank puzzle link: