Saturday, September 15, 2012

Confidence Is The Key~ Asking Someone To Homecoming!

I know that at least a few of you are looking forward to HOMECOMING this year! Which means I am posting this in ADVANCE!!!! I have 2 other posts to finish and hopefully I can get some posts going on in "Life In The Day Of Me" because I haven't posted anything since august 3!!!!!!! But back to the story here:

If you were me, you probably wouldn't be even close to thinking about this, because well.......... I think that everybody who shows any signs of liking me is just trying to make my life miserable or trying to get my hopes up and then stomp me into the ground (hint-hint I'm hard to get). But this year I am doing it for you guys! 10 creative ways to ask someone to prom brought to you by Holly Ashworth on Of course it's homecoming but I still think it would be awesome if somebody put SOME thought into how they do things!!!

#1 You Tube video- I think this is ultra cute! I mean what kinda girl's heart does not melt at the sight of a guy asking her out like that one guy did for proposing to his girlfriend? What a beautiful thing to witness!
WARNINGS- To protect her privacy make it a "private video" or use her nickname/initials!

#2 Stuffed animal- Send her a cute and fuzzy stuffed animal! All you need to do is rap a tag around it that say's "Will you go to homecoming with me?". And that is pretty much all it is!

#3 Parking tickets- all I had to say is awwwwww! What a cute idea! Just stick a paper saying _____ under her windshield wiper.

  • "You are being fined for being way to fine! Will you go to homecoming with me?"
  • "You are being fined for being out of this world! Will you go to homecoming with me?"
  • Etc.
and if you have a relative that is a police officer than this is the plan for you!
WARNINGS- Don't be to cheesy!

#4 Fortune Cookies- In the post she mentions a place called "greenfire" that makes custom fortune cookies. I would say this is better for a proposal but it's really up to you!

#5 Languages- if your sweet-hart has a passion for Spanish, get a dictionary and ask them out in Spanish!
Same goes with any language really!
WARNINGS- Make sure you know what you are saying! Some bad words can closely resemble the ones that are truly Innocent! 

#6 Cookies- If you love baking or if you have a wonderful mom this one comes down to your sweetheart's sweet-tooth. just make  a batch of cookies, place a note, place wax/tissue paper down, and pile the cookies nice and thick.
WARNINGS- allergies!

#7 Flowers- this is an easy way to get yourself some brownie points! just call in a flower order company and send it with a note. Or you can get some flowers from the store, put in a handmade note, ring the doorbell and RUN!
WARNINGS- allergies!

#8 CD- "Burn some of your favorite romantic songs on a CD. Instead of listing the song names and artists, use the liner notes to pop the big question."  Or you can put their favorite songs on a CD and then put on a voice recording at the end.
WARNINGS- make sure to tell them to listen to the end!

#9 Formal Invite- "Write an invitation in your best calligraphy on a piece of parchment paper, then roll it up and tie it with a velvet ribbon. Slip it into his backpack or locker, or to get even more authentic, enlist one of your friends to act as a messenger."

#10 Get Some Balls!
Ask him or her in person! If you aren't as creative as many other people. Good God, don't hide behind the internet dude!

I hope everybody has a wonderful time at homecoming, see you there!

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