Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Confidence is the Key~ Rejection

Confidence is the key to life. We all have ups and downs. In this post I will talk about rejection. The steps after the initial rejection are the most important! (This is my expiorience)Some steps you can take:

Step 1:DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL! Especially when rejected in person!

Step 2: IGNORE!Next time you see him/her, don't pay atention to them! Even if your mind drifts and you some how find yourself looking, LOOK AWAY!!!!!! Especially when he/she is talking in a group (about how you asked him/her out).

Step 3: FIGHT BACK! If he/she teases you, look him/her straight in the eyes and say somthing like "Dude! Back off" or somthing in that region.

Step 4: FIND SOMEONE BETTER! If he/she and/or his friends tease you about how you asked him/her out, just keep on telling yourself that you could can find someone better!

Step 5: MOVE ON! Use this expirience to afect the next time you ask someone out. This can be hard or easy, depending on how much and how long you liked that person.

I hope this helped you get over your crush <3

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